The United Kingdom has been cited by the Envisage International Corporation as the second choice for international students in the world, behind only the USA. The standard of excellence that attracts students all over the world is set by the older universities with recognizable names, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and there are currently over 440,000 international students studying in Higher Education in the UK.

How to apply for the UK study visa

A Tier 4 adult student visa’s duration is dependent on the kind, of course, the applicant has been offered. Only a UK Tier 4 licensed education institution is able to sponsor a non-EU national under these rules. The applicant is required to speak, read, write and understand English, have enough money to pay for the first year course fees in full as well available funds to pay their daily expenses for at least the first 9 months in the UK. Applicants from South Africa are also required to submit a TB Clearance certificate.
Part of the visa application process includes the payment of the visa application fee as well as the Immigration Health surcharge.
The earliest to apply for a visa is 3 months before starting the course and a decision is commonly received within 3 weeks.
Depending on the level of studies, the Tier 4 student is allowed to work part time while they study and bring with spouse/child dependents.

Grounds for refusal
An application can still be refused on general grounds (for instance; forgery, deception, immigration history, etc.) even if the applicant meets all the financial and qualification requirements.
If an international student suspends or withdraws from their studies the Education Institution informs the authorities and the student is required to leave the UK.

Post Brexit
Currently, Higher Education students are allowed to change their immigration status in the UK from the Tier 4 student to the Tier 2 work permit provided they have a Tier 2 sponsor employer and a job offer that meets the requirements by the end of their studies. Dependent on how the UK leave the EU, with or without a deal, the new strategy could allow international students a post-study visa. According to Business Line, “Masters and undergraduate students will then be able to work for six months, whereas doctoral students will be able to work for a year after their degree. They will also be able to apply for a skilled work visa 3 months before the end of their course or move to skilled work for two years after graduation if they return to their home country”. This move is expected by the UK government to attract overseas students after Brexit.




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