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As South African immigration specialists we are constantly involved in various legal matters. Our aim is to be thought the leaders in the field of Immigration Law by actively scrutinising the law around South African immigration.

In addition we offer specialised immigration services to our clients. These services include:

  • Expedition of outstanding South African permanent residence permit and temporary residence visa applications.
    • Is your South African temporary residence visa or permanent residence application still pending?
    • Excessive delays in the finalisation of application are a common occurrence with the Department of Home Affairs. Often applicants find themselves in limbo without a defined end point. We offer a specialised Legal Immigration Services that seek to expedite pending applications through the courts to bring final relief to our clients
  • Rejection of South African Temporary residence visas or permanent residence permits.
    • Has your Visa application been rejected? Read more
    • Immigration to South Africa has become a complex affair as a result a number of applications are rejected. We offer specialist immigration advice services to applicants who have been rejected.
  • Legalisation of an overstay or expiry or violation of visa conditions.
  • Have you overstayed your visa? Read more
    • It is common that people forget to renew their visas and overstay their visa. Section 32 of the immigration Act provides for the legalisation of an overstay on good cause.
  • Strategic Immigration Consulting for Corporates and Individuals.
    • With an ever-changing immigration landscape there is a growing need for professional and specialist advice in developing a strategy for your individual or corporate needs. From relocating families to staffing requirements.
  • Waiver and Exemption Applications
    • Prepare professional and well-formulated waiver or exemption requests and submit to waiver section of the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria.
  • Undesirable Declaration waiver applications.
    • Have you been declared undesirable?

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