Study Visa


Downloadable DIY Migration Pack for Study Visa application

The study visa is issued in terms of section 13 to a foreigner who has been admitted to a qualifying learning institution in South Africa. The term learning institution is expressly defined in the Immigration regulations and excludes certain private colleges that are not registered in terms of the Further Education and Training Act. The visa is not also available to distance learning institutions such as UNISA, except when the course requires attendance of classes in South Africa.

What is the SH pack ?

The pack is a combination of essential tools for a client seeking to submit a professionally prepared application without being exposed to expensive professional fees.

What are the Benefits of SH Pack?

It’s an immigration advisory service product that is both cost effective and convenient. Convenient in that you have full control of your application whilst retaining  the benefit of personal professional assistance , requirements and templates as well as submission support.  Cost effective in that you do not pay high fees to achieve this.

How does it deliver value to customer?

By using online platforms and  leveraging the extensive experience of SMSSA and its intellectually property to bring a real value adding product to the client.  

Key aspects :  30 mins fee consultation with expert 

Visa requirements 

Templates  and forms 

Key Insights and tips 

Applications quality assurance 

Submission Support 

Who can access the SH pack?

The ideal client is someone who feels comfortable doing their own application but would like to benefit from professional assistance but without paying full fees associated with the immigration advisory services. 

It’s also ideal for someone who has been through the process before and is comfortable working on their own application with limited assistance.

Which visa categories is the SH pack available ?

The pack is for persons seeking to apply for the following visitor’s visa, relatives visa ,spouse visa ,accompanying dependent visa, study ,critical skills and retired persons visa.