We previously published on this topic a few months ago and shed some light into the reason why artisans were being rejected when apply for a critical skills work visa. In all cases the Department would insist that the applicant produce a trade test certificate, something that was previously not required and technically still not a legislative requirement. In that article we reveal that a decision had been reached that applicant would have to produce a letter issued by the Indlela National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB) and that this letter would be sufficient.  But we have continued to receive calls from individual still being rejected despite producing these letters in their applications. So we took it upon ourselves to follow up on this issue for the benefit of the parties concerned.

We contacted one of the officials involved in this process and she advised us of the following; The Department of Home Affairs will require all artisans wishing to apply for critical skills work visas to be trade tested by a South African Trade test centre; Applicants without a trade test certificate will be allowed to apply for the critical skills work visa which will be issued for one year with a condition that they obtain a South African trade test certificate within that year.

We advise all individuals wishing to apply for the critical skills work visa to have booked their trade test and supply such proof as part of the application supporting documents.  Individuals on existing General and Quota work permits intending to apply for a critical skills work visa must endeavor to be trade tested before lodging the application in order to secure a visa for the full 5-year period.

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